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MPC Sample Manager

This is a sample management tool 

I have checked some sample manager programs, but no one supports my workflow. So I decided to write my own. This software is, like myself a little bit old school but works for me and maybe for you, too. 

It only runs under windows 32/64 bit. But you can grab the source and compile it for other plattforms with (hopefully) )no problems (use Lazarus 1.8). Sorry, but I don’t have a Mac or a Linux system.
Use it at your own risk. The software is lizenced under GPL. By downloading, you accept this lizence!
if you like the software, please donate, so I can add additional features!

MPC Sample Manager

- Manage Disk-, Song- and Sample Informations
- generate automatically 8 chars long filenames for MPC usage 
- Formats- and normalize audio file for MPC usage (44khz 16bit)
- generate reports


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